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関連学会・研究会のお知らせ : 地域の再活性化における文化の可能性【開催日:2011年1月26日(水)】
投稿者: HaraKiyoshi 投稿日時: 2011-1-13 15:49:12 (854 ヒット)

Workshop The Potential of Culture in Regional Revitalization:
        Cases from Great Britain and Japan

     ワークショップ 地域の再活性化における文化の可能性

日時:2011 年 1 月 26 日(水)19:00~20:30
会場:上智大学四谷キャンパス 12 号館 303 教室

Time: 26 January 2011 (Wed.), 7 – 8:30 pm
Place: Bldg. No. 12, room 303, Sophia University Yotsuya Campus, Tokyo

Davyth Hicks, PhD, Eurolang / Secretariat for the European Parliament Intergroup
for Traditional Minorities, National Communities and Languages
“Cultural factors in regional revitalization in Cornwall”

Susanne Klien, PhD, German Institute for Japanese Studies
“Contemporary art and regional revitalization: A Case study from Echigo-Tsumari”

Mouri Yoshitaka, PhD, Tokyo National University of the Fine Arts
Organizer and Chair: Kimura Goro Christoph, PhD, European Institute, Sophia University

This meeting aims to explore how culture can contribute to the revitalization of regions
which are often perceived to be in the periphery from the viewpoint of the state.
Characteristic cases from Cornwall (Great Britain) and Echigo-Tsumari (Niigata, Japan)
are presented. In Cornwall in the Southwest of Great Britain, the Celtic cultural revival
movement around the Cornish language has increasingly gained official recognition in
recent years and has essentially contributed to promoting a new self-consciousness of
the region. In Echigo-Tsumari, the Art Triennial has envisaged site specific artworks
in this rural region and has attracted much attention beyond the contemporary art scene
since its beginning in 2000. While the means and approaches are different, both cases
have in common that they utilize cultural factors built upon local resources as part of
the regional revitalization strategies. The question of power, agency and the impact of
external perspectives on local views will also be discussed. A comparison of experiences
will provide new insights and perspectives for regional development in other regions as

The presentations and discussion will be in English.
Admission is free.
In case of questions please contact Kimura Goro: g-kimura@sophia.ac.jp.

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